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Thread: underwater photography - coloured filters

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    Default underwater photography - coloured filters

    Came across two very interesting (and rather cheem) links regarding the use of warming filters underwater. Seems that 2 filters are recommended - a magenta plus a warming/orange??

    Photography without strobe using ambient light and filters:

    Filters and Ambient Light Photography:

    Would appreciate insights and comments from all!

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    last part of the write out saying of FL-D & FL-B filters. This filters are mend for taking photos under fluorescent & incandescent lightings. The filters 'so-called cut off' the blueish under fluorescent & greenish under incandescent.

    in this principle, you can apply in underwater condition. so you have to bring down three filters - red, FL-D & FL-B filters.

    Red filter is actually orange in colour. FL-D filter for 20 ft and below. FL-B filter for 20 ft & above.

    Maybe you can try adding red filter then follow by FL-D or FL-B depending on the depth you are at. However, maximium only 2 filters in front of the camera at one time.


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