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Thread: Help Leh Please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerbashers View Post
    Where do you buy your equipment?
    A mix of places..... from SG first and 2nd hand to HK to US online.

    I agree with MSZ006Zeta. You gotta go with what makes you comfortable. For me, it was the shutter sound between the Canon and Nikon that pushed me to the Nikon camp though I used Canon film in the past. Lens wise, from your budget, I'd say go for the 18-105VR + 70-300VR or get the 18-200VR straight. I swear by the 70-300VR though and was lucky enuf to get this new @ $600+ Hee hee... ! Excellent stuff this lens !

    Get the SB800 at least if you have the budget. I had the SB600 offered to me 2nd hand at a very very very very very good price so I decided to take it since I only needed fill in flash for my macro. SB900 even better, but I'd rather not pay for the newest stuff right now.

    Go for what you need right now and just make a little bit of an allowance to have more room for improvements or versatility. I think the D80 would be a great choice right now with the D90 coming out and price coming down and all. I am salivating over a $800 brand new in the box D80. Only problem is, warranty, cos this is a price I saw in Taiwan from 2 months back.....

    If you are patient and can control your urges, the price will be good.

    Buy, and then resist the BBB urge ya ?

    *Beerbasher, check your PM on the details to your question.
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    Snap ?

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    Thanks guys for all the advice. Keep those coming in!

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    Sorry to hi-jack your thread for a while. For even photographer on a budget, SB-600 around $300+, SB-800 around $480+ or a SB-900 around $600+.
    With a single SB-900, it costs the same as 2 SB-600. Is it worth the premium?

    To Beerbashers. Yeah just go ahead and test them out. Which ever feels the best, works the best(in your opinion) and which ever doesnt burn your wallet too much, should be good for you Seriously consider D300 as a possible camera for you.

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    I second the suggestions that you should go down and try things out. Because once you buy a brand, you are also buying into its system of lenses, flashes, and maybe other accessories.

    If you decide to join the Nikon camp, then its either the D90 or the D300.
    Honestly if budget is a great concern for you, the D90 offers great value for the money. It comes with a great kit lens for sub 1.8k. D300 offers some sig differences like professional AF, 14bit, micro AF adjustments, etc over the D90, but some of these you may not require as a beginner.

    Alot of people are still using the D70s and D80s, testimony to their usefulness. And yet, the D90 is even one leap above these! IQ wise, it is similar to the D300 (and some say better for high ISO).

    Another small but possibly fun addition is the inclusion of video mode.

    I'm not saying the D300 is not a nice cam, it is. I'm just saying that the D90 isn't a camera to be overlooked either. Look at the reviews for the D90 (they are plentiful), see if you will be satisfied with its features.

    PS: It's a diff story if you choose Canon though.

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    Do consider a 2nd hand 20/30D with 24-105L f/4 USM IS. And slowly start your L collections....hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucian View Post
    PS: It's a diff story if you choose Canon though.
    What do you mean? I do not really understand. Are you saying the 50D is a better camera than those two?
    Someone please help me plan a equipment list inclusive of only a d300 body and lenses
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    I am not almost ruling out the 50D of contention so between the D300 and D90 now. Is it true the 50D is at the level between the D90 and D300?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerbashers View Post
    Presuming you like taking photographs during travels, landscapes, portraits and small gatherings and have no past experience in this line and this would be your first DSLR which option of the below would you go for?

    Option A: D90 + 18-70 + 70-300 VR + 50 1.8 + SB-600
    Option B: 50D + 18-55 + 55-250 IS + 50 1.8 + Speedlite 430 EX
    Option C: 50D + 18-200 + 50 1.8 + Speedlite 430 EX
    Anyone have any news or reviews on Tamron 18-270?
    HELP: Anyone can help me plan a package/equipment list (consisting of just lenses) list if I get a second-hand D300.
    (Budget: 2.6-3k (Not Including Flash, Bags, Dry Cabi, Accessories)
    Just start off basic, don't buy those high-end ones. Entry-level cameras will do..
    Photography & Audiophile Addict :lovegrin:

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