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Thread: from china,with love.

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    Default from china,with love.

    took this shot during my community project in xiamen,in the small village of zhaokeng.i like this shot as it shows how shy the kid was towards stranger.i would like to have more comments on how to improve with the composition and framing.thanks and don't worry about being harsh,i need this kind of comments haha

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    Hmm the kid is the intended subject right?

    However, the kid is occupying to small a part of the frame for him to be a significant part of the image, let alone the primary subject.

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    i believe you are trying to show the curious-ness of the child right?

    perhaps you can trying going a bit lower, and zooming in more if possible such that the child's expression fills about the bottom half of the frame, in this way, might be able to tell more about what the child was thinking as his expression is a bit too small and hard to see at the moment.

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    thanks guys for the comment and helpful tips!i shall do that next time if i get the chance again to shoot this kind of guys were really helpful!

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    i think this is a very intriguing shot. not with the shy kid as the main subject, but perhaps the notion of being "trapped"; with the prison-like bars of the window acting like a two way mirror; in one sense the boy stuck in the backwaters of a modernising china, in another sense the viewer imprisoned in the darkness and evil of the industrialised world, looking wistfully at the tranquil scenery and the innocence of youth outside his jaded prison cell.

    technically, i would prefer a more contrasty treatment of the image and to focus the attention on the window, while decluttering the rest of the photo and giving the colours added vibrancy. the boy gives the photo a sense of scale as well as a human interest.

    all in all, a very nice image by TS.

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    i quite like the pic.. the "smallish" subject somewhat work for me.. though i'm not sure if that's the same for other clubsnappers..

    zaren's retouch worked well for the pic too.. i prefer it more contrasty as well..

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    Nice subject, but I don't think it is presented properly.

    The photo does not lead my eye to the child. It would be great if the "window" is framed right in the center, balanced on both sides. I would also add a little warmth to the photo, as it seems to be a bit dull.

    I would also possibly zoom in a little more so as to see more of the child. I can see the child's hands on the ledge. That would be wonderful it is bigger.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    1- The vertical bars would prompt me to take a vertical shot.
    2- The small boy's head - as mentioned - is good to express the scale of the window; plus you got the background covered as well.
    3- More contrast is my preference.

    thanks for sharing
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    good attempt to photograph a shy kid in a village, i think what u can do is really have a word with the small kid, buy some gift or sweet for them. open them up, they will be ur great model.

    frame wise on this picture looks ok to me except the high key lighting background, you cant avoid cos i can see u are opening wide aperture. technically, the frame has nothing wrong.

    if u wish to shoot a shy kid, can try make them sitting on a doorstep in wooden house in china villages, those spot are mostly use to create award winning picture.
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