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Thread: Process or not to process.

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    Default Process or not to process.

    Recently found a roll of film, bout 4-5 yrs old. XP-2. think i pushed it 2 stop.. shold i process it? as in, would the pics come out? or would it be CMI? and.. where to push proces cheapr? rgb and the fugi shop at orchard.. ex.

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    why not? give it a try and share the results!
    see if it can give U any amazing picts!

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    lol most likly all super grainy.. already did 1 set.. think.. only 2-3 can see face... btw, any1 know of a discreet processer? i have no idea wats in that rool of film...

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    haha .. unless i have some cash to spare .. i will not send for developing liao ..

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    theres always the urge to know wat i took and if it came out well... lol uhm.. any1 knows where to devalope pushed flim cheaply?


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