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    Hi there, any bros here know if there's any software that can recover images from a formatted CF card??? mine's a Sandisk 1GB CF, anyone???

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    A search on google would give me really good results. Much better than taking the effort posted here.

    Anyway, this is the software I used to recover some of my corrupted photos.

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    Another search on google gave me this.

    Apparently it seems quite good. And its FREE!.

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    thanx man, appreciate it!

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    as the above have already said, why on earth didn't you search google? and there are more than 10 thread in CS about this subject. i searched and found Recuva by Piriform. worked perfectly for me and its free
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    You can recover your memory card with Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software. This software recovers supported all file formats from memory card and recovers images from windows and Mac OSX. Download demo from here:

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    If all else fail ... support a fellow CSer ...

    Note : I am not related in any way .....


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