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Thread: Ergonomics of a DSLR vs Videocam

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    Default Ergonomics of a DSLR vs Videocam

    With the new Nikon D90 and forthcoming 5D MKII, how would you compare the ergonomics of operating a large and chunky DSLR vs a purposeful design camcorder for video.

    In my opinion, a camcorder (or even a small P&S) can be held and operated with one hand. I don't see this being possible with a DSLR.
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    Default Re: Ergonomics of a DSLR vs Videocam

    A video cam is designed to be held in the "salute" position, for video. A DSLR, as you correctly stated, is more for 2-handed use (though I can use it with 1 hand as well)


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