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    Hi All,

    Just heard that CS4 was released. Photoshop CS4 seems to be really interesting.

    I think it should be out by mid or late October.

    Here's a small snippet from their press release, which can also be found on their website

    "Photoshop CS4 software now makes impossible tasks, possible. Content-Aware Scaling adds a revolutionary technology that enables users to intelligently size and scale images with a simple drag of the mouse. New Auto-align and Auto-blend modes generate composites based on extended depth of field and 360 degree panoramas now with seamless tones and colors.

    Finding, previewing and managing image assets jumps to a new level of power and convenience with Adobe Bridge CS4, beginning with fast start-up performance, right through to speedy transfer of images to Photoshop CS4. New path-bar navigation and workspace selection buttons across the top of the Bridge window let you instantly go to just the right display for every task. Also included are new Camera Import controls, visual folder navigation, and a Carousel View for larger image-group selections."

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    It'd be interesting to see how GPU offloading actually impacts performance. 3-D Painting also appears interesting.


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