Ready for Singapore CS4 launch party?
Creative Crew's next meeting is on the way.

Time and Place Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Adobe - SunTec City
Temasek Boulevard
Singapore, Singapore

7.30 to 7.50 Warming up. Take your seat and be ready to take notes. This meeting is going to be a big one.

7.50 to 8.10 First Photoshop session (Basic) - 10 reasons why to use Adjustmen layers
Synopsis: Are you still using the menu Image>Adjustment? Form today it’s over.
CS4 new adjustment system based on Adjustment panel, is a true revolution.
One by one, 10 reason why to love Adjustment Layers.

8.10 to 8.30 Second Photoshop Session (Advanced) - Neutralize your picture to 128 gray
Synopsis: The most amazing mid tones neutralizer you have ever seen.
Stefano Virgilli’s unique method, based on adjustment layers, to find target pixels and uniform your picture tones.

8.30 to 8.40 Break
Bring your name cards for this “session”. It may be useful.

8.40 to 9.00 After Effects session (Advance) - Special FX to transform in a monster
Synopsis: Use liquify effect in a smarter way. Instead of applying it to the layer itself, track the movement first. Then pre-compose and parent it to Anchor Point, Rotation and Position of the original video.
Finally, make your monster unique adding color, contrast and textures.

9.00 to 9.20 Finally CS4 - Speaker Marianne Young - Adobe Technical Account Manager
Introducing the new CS4 and the suite configurations.
- Productivity Gains (working faster, smarter)
- Simplified Workflows
- Rich Expressiveness & Innovation
- Collaboration
Videos hosted by Paul Burnett, Colin Flemin, Lynn Grillo, Adam Pratt, Karl Soule, and Jason Levine.

9.20 to 9.30 Photoshop contest votation. And the winner is…
If you did not know about the contest, run to read the rules on Creative Crew's web site:

During the meeting you might get the chance to win some Adobe gadgets!

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