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    Sharing my F&E tour experience at this place of interest. Do a search in clubsnap, and u may find a thread on the outing organised by Clubsnap a few years ago too.

    Airline (Sgd 650-700 including taxes)
    Silkair flies to Solo on certain days only. U need land transport to get to Yogyakarta (the local called it Jogja)

    Garuda flies to Jogja via Jakarta daily. Check out the package offered by Garuda and Hyatt Regency Jogja. Garuda office is at United Square. Tel:62502888 / 62505666.

    I stayed at Hyatt, and free & easy.

    A few hotels that travel agencies in Chinatown recommended are Ibis, Mutiara, Novotel. They should be located within Malioboro street (main street).

    The guest house that is located within Borobudur. I would have chosen to stay here for my Borobudur sunrise if it was not fully booked.

    Aman Jiwo
    High high end hill resort. Can see Borobudur. Starts at USD700/night

    Places of interest I visited
    Borobudur - Sunrise and sunset.

    About an hour drive from Hyatt / Malioboro town.
    15 mins walk if staying in Manohara.

    Entrance ticket: Rp250K (non-Manohara guest), Rp110k (Guest)

    Aimed to get into the compound before 5am via Manohara. The main tourist gate opens at 6 or 6.30am.

    Most buddha statues are hidden inside a stupa. Search for those that are not hidden to get a sunrise shot that is between the stupa and buddha head. Merapi volcano can be seen on a fine weather day.

    Prambana Hindu Temple
    About 45mins - an hour drive from Hyatt. Reckon same amount of time if it is from Malioboro street.

    The main temples are out of bounds as they are surrounded by barricades. U can still climb the minor temples.

    Ratu Boko sunset
    This is about 3km from Prambanan. Our driver drove up to the top of the hill. I think there is a staircase that u can choose to walk up instead.

    U can see Prambanan and/or Merapi as the sun sets.

    Ramayanan Ballet Performance
    I watched the 2 hours performance at the open air theatre at Prambanan. Think U can catch it in the town too.

    There are 4 performances (4 different episodes) in each month, ard the full moon period. The special show is on the night of the full moon.

    time: 730pm-930pm.

    Performance ticket: Rp200k aka sgd33 (VIP seats).

    Sightseeing at Malioboro Street

    Visited the Sultan Palace, Water Castle (Taman Sari), and Bird market, whcih are within walking distance of each other.

    there is celebration / ceremony on 3 special occassions at the Palace, based on the English, Muslim, Java calendars. During Ramadan period, the palace and some places of interest are opened for only half a day.

    Outer Jogja
    Went to Parangkusumo (black sand beach) / Parangtritis beach for sunsets. An hour drive from town, and about 1km apart between the beach.

    Went to Ketep Pass for sunset too, and view of Merapi. Was a cloudy day, so not a fruitful trip. Also an hour drive from town.

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