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Thread: Resized @ Photoshop CS2

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    Default Resized @ Photoshop CS2

    Hi guys,

    Found pic deterioted after i resized to 1024 X 680 something... How come some sifu can reduce the file size around 100kb and yet maintaining the "sharp" and crispy clear photo?

    My workflow... Can anyone advise, and tell me if this is Wrong!!

    With this setting of 1024 X 600 and pic quality saved under "12", my file size is ~ 700kb!!
    Can some laojiao guide me the proper way of keeping file size around 100kb and yet maintaining the great sharpness..


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    Default Re: Resized @ Photoshop CS2

    deteriorate in what sense?...

    as for compression, if the image is for web viewing, I would recommend going all the way down to 7 if the reduction in quality is acceptable... 7 provides, on average from personal experience, much greater compression than 8 but the reduction in quality is not much noticeable compared to 8... I find it the best compromise in terms of file size and quality for web images... but if the image is for print, I would try not to go below 10, which should still give a significant savings in space over 11 or 12...

    and if your version of photoshop allows it, use bicubic sharper to reduce the image size instead of bicubic... if that option is not available, do remember to sharpen the image after changing image size...


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