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Thread: Regular microstock meet and shoot

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    Default Regular microstock meet and shoot


    just to announce that we will be having a regular microstock meet on every sunday morning at 11am at City Hall MRT train station( Singapore ).
    We will be at the Starbucks Coffee joint just above the station.
    Look forward to anyone interested in the meeting.

    some themes that you may like to try out.

    Drug of choice - coffee
    Simple portraits of expressions

    or you can suggest some more, we will find time to try it out.

    We are using this meet to produce more images to sell on microstock websites,
    we will be using each other as models for the concept shoots, model releases are provided.

    Francis Wong

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    heh.. i';m interested to join.. when is the next meet? this sunday i don't think i will though.. gonna be damn pack at that area sms me, 96839188.. tks..

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    Hi, to clarify the locations

    we will usually meet at cityhall but the actual shooting location will be somewhere else like in the esplanade basement where we can set up our lights and shoot without much interference.


    francis wong

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    Default Re: Regular microstock meet and shoot

    Hi Francis,

    is this restricted to those who are already shooting microstock or can newbies join too?


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    hi, Kenny, sorry for the late reply.

    Anyone is welcome to join and learn from each other.

    The main aim is to create a regular outing, meet and shoot so that each person can create a steady stream of highly emotive and usable photos to market and sell.

    We try to do it cheaply. We take photos of each other to create more photo opps, learn new techniques and maybe what to do or not for submitting photos to different websites for sale.

    It is very free flow, today I was going out with another friend to take beach party drug photos and some vietnamese related shots.

    Francis Wong

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    Default Re: Regular microstock meet and shoot

    hi, next meeting will be same venue and time

    Sunday 5th october 2008
    City hall mrt 11am at Starbucks coffee.

    anyone is welcome to join in.

    Francis Wong

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    Next meeting for microstock meeting is

    sunday 23rd Nov 2008 at 12noon to 4pm
    Location city hall mrt
    meet at starbucks coffee joint on top of station.

    After a simple gathering we will proceed to do some photos.

    This time I will be demonstrating simple lighting techniques for portraits and how to get a good selling portrait picture.
    This will be at the esplanade basement area where the dancers and skateboarders usually go.

    Anyone is eligible to join and there are no fees to pay.

    To clarify further, we are using ourselves for the models.


    Francis 90070503
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