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Thread: Equivalent DOF on Digicams

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    Default Equivalent DOF on Digicams

    There is a focal length equivalent for digicams (depending on their CCD size). Is there an F-stop equivalent? eg. The Sony F717 only goes down to F8.0. What is this in terms of DOF and its equivalent in 35mm film camera?

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    Take the minimum focal length of the lens in 35mm equiv (say 38mm) and divide by actual min focal length (say 9.7mm) to get the "DOF multiplier" (coined by Reflecx ). In this case, it's 3.92, so the DOF at F8 is equivalent to F31.3 in a 35mm format.

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    What do you mean by the actual min focal length?


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    Can we actually get ANY DOF on a prosumer digicam? I never get the blurring of the background, unless its in Macro mode, where the subject is sharp and the rest is blur...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyke
    What do you mean by the actual min focal length?
    It is usually printed at the front of the lens, like 9.7mm-48mm. That means the min focal length (full wide) is 9.7mm, and the max focal length (full zoom) is 48mm. Usually the camera manufacturer will also quote the equivalent focal length in 35mm in the manual, like 38-190mm. People usually use the 35mm equivalent to compare cameras.


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