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    Hi everyone!

    Ive always been keen on photography and Ive just treated myself to an E3 (got it last Thursday). Its quite a jump for someone who has only ever practiced point and shoot!

    Ive been doing a photography course and as I result I choose to use manual mode on my camera and select my own aperture and shutter speed. Ive read the theory now I want to put it into practice!

    I would appreciate some comments with regard to exposure etc. and choice of aperture on my first few photos. (ignore the strange URL!)

    One of the issues....
    The picture of my daughter shows a blurred out background - I wanted a narrow depth of field and (to me) that picture works (I am sure some of you will disagree!). What I dont understand is why when using the same aperture the same didnt happen on some of the car picture - the depth of field isnt what I wanted and the background is a lot sharper than I wanted.

    Another issue....
    The end picture on the page has a sky that looks almost gray. That wasnt what it looked like!

    Any and all (constructive) comments gratefully received good or bad!
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    Default Re: Some comments needed please....

    other than aperture, the focal length and distance between object to lens also affects the depth of field. in this case, your daughter was either close to you or you used a long focal length, both of which will result in a narrow depth of field.


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