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Thread: Colour Balance and Brightness help needed.

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    Default Colour Balance and Brightness help needed.

    I've a waterfall picture that i had just recently taken at kota tinggi. Colours and brightness looks ideal on my 6 year old toshiba notebook (wise grey sage of 154 years old in real computer life-years). There'd been no calibration done on the monitor (can't even adjust the brightness)...

    Upon receiving the prints, i noticed that there is a green tinge (the infamous d30 green) off the waters. Also, the brightness (or the lack of it) is totally off. After some adjustments in PS, an increment of +30 of green in the magenta/green colour and a decrease of 30 in the brightness department would render the "on-screen" image the same of the print.

    Could the quick fix solution be to decrease the green by 30; i.e shift the magenta/green slider left by 30 for remedy the green and correspondingly increase the brightness by 30 correct the brightness? Is the colour relationship "linear" in the above sense?

    P.S A CRT monitor + spyder calibrator is out of reach for the moment...

    Thanks a lot for all the help.

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    Just a quick question...was the image converted to CMYK before you had it printed? Or did you print it yourself? (In which case, best to stay in RGB since printers are geared for this?

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    Since it's a generally shift towards a greenish colour, jus feel that the shop to dev the prints should hav adjusted for you......hummm


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