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    Just a photo I took at the airport, before I left for a flight.

    It's not exactly daybreak, but I thought the angle of the sunlight (the sun's covered by the cloud on the upper left corner of the picture I think) made this picture quite nice.

    Was thinking if the plane is too dark, and if I showed too much ground in this picture. Did a little editing, just darkened the picture and increased the contrast because the original picture was too bright. Did it on Picasa so pardon if it's job not well done.

    Yup and I'm new to this, so I'd appreciate any feedbacks =)

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    Oh, and I used a Canon Ixus 800IS.

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    too contrasty: blown highlights, too deep shadows.

    subject indistinct: no details, merged into background

    u need to "say" your subject very clearly before you start doing fancy photoshopping. whatever photoshop u do - which incl B&W conversion - is to better state the subject and not to obscure it. There ought to be a goal in your photoshopping. What was it?

    And in this instance the subject will be better stated if you go in closer so that there is less non contributing space, bring the horizon down to reveal the airplane shape/silhouette and make it distinct from the tarmac, and position it away from that distracting protruding floodlights tower, amongst other things.

    Then there is the background. There is indeed some interesting elements to place the subject in, eg the clouds. But then the clouds are overblown, and you see flat white and no more interesting textures and forms, and also not enuff of them, as we have this dark meaningless shadows on the right and the large empty tarmac.

    Usually a better picture - if you accept the notion of "better" or "good" and "bad", although there are some in this forum who thinks all these are meaningless concepts - is attained when you make the picture simple.

    So your picture should say, simply, light single prop airplane on tarmac in interesting morning sky. Do you think your picture says that now? What did you see that morning that you wanted to capture as a picture? Do you think you were successful? Or you had a different intent that I may be missing? And even if I missed your message, is it my eyes or is it the picture?

    I rather the attitude air crash investigators take: there are no pilot errors, only bad design.

    So what do you think?
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    I like the sky scape in this photo, the clouds, the texture etc.


    the composition of having a tower on top of plane (if you know what i mean).
    the details of the plane is not there.
    the intention of having heavy shadows, specially at the right bottom corner.


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