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Hi, I'm a newbie and I was also at the same cross-road junction as the 2 cameras were released a week apart from each other.
I bought the Nikon D90 by the way. My selection is based on a few factors.
1. Features of both cam... just simple research.
2. Size and weight of the 2 cams... 50D is a little too huge and heavy for my liking
3. Price.. Nikon has gotten a neat package with a rather affordable price tag.

You may ask me why pic quality was not in the consideration. But honestly, I really can't find any faults with the picture quality by the 2 cams!!! So to me it kinda justified my purchase. Hope it helps!
Nice purchase!
Enjoy your D90!! Me too... upgrading from a D70s to a D90 soon.....I feel that the smaller size of the D90s is more justified to my shooting needs as opposed to the better but bigger D300. To the thread-starter, at the end of the day.... what matters most is the person using the camera. Put an advanced amatuer/pro behind the D90 & a complete noob behind the Canon 50D....& u will still see the difference. Don't buy a DSLR based on what u feel the brand is trying to target towards. Buy one that offers the best value for your requirements & whether u like the way it feels & operates. Speaking of which the D90 still offers better value over the 50D with a nice kit lens included