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how does a combi of 17-50mm f2.8 for general travel photography + 50mmf1.8 for portraiture sound like?
or a combi of 18-105mm + 50mm1.8 a more diversified range?
Is it important for you to overlap 50mm with a lens at f2.8 and f1.8? Unless you feel that f2.8 is not fast enough or you want to achieve more bokeh.

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Mmmm your question actually very difficult to answer and also depends on what you shoot and your budget as well as your understanding of what is good and no good. To each his own and also one men's meat is another's poison. However I try to put in my 2 cents worth.
First of all if you still have not got your package scout around for some indicative prices.
Not necessary to get all at one go, buy the basic and get the hang of it and progress to what you think you wanted to shoot and get the others as you go along.
One other thing is that buying a SLR is not about the camera and just 1 or 2 lens and flash, once you are in to it you will realise that it is about the whole system.
As for shops recommendations I suggest you just visit the 2 shops below and save yourself some headaches :-
TK Foto
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Why? Simply because I believe they consistently give the best reasonable price and advice even to new customer or any walk in customer. If you want to scout the whole island for the lowest price by all means do so but remember to do your homework and bargaining so as not to feel cheated afterwards.
The so called 'cheaters' usually cash in on those who don't do their homework. And even if you did and you managed to bargain for the lowest possible price in singapore, I don't think the sales experience in that shop will be good.