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Thread: software-based noise reduction?

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    Default software-based noise reduction?

    Question here:
    Since we can post process to reduce the High ISO noise by this kind of SW tool...why we spending a lot money on the latest DSLR body? we can buy the 40D, and snap with ISO3200, then reduce noise by this tool

    Good review for noise ninja tool:


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    imho, all noise reduction softwares makes images go softer. newer cameras perform better at high iso not only due to better nr but a more efficient sensor and processor. a nr applied in the camera is also faster and more convenient than running images through noise ninja afterwards.

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    This is considered part of the PP workflow. A noisy camera means details are lost to noise during image capture. As the saying goes, GIGO. You can only get so much information out of a noisy camera.

    Nonetheless, thanks for sharing, and it shows how mathematics and technology has progressed. BTW, Neat Image has a demo version (free but limited in functionality) that can be used for non-commercial works.
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    Default Re: software-based noise reduction?

    hmmm....thanks for sharing! looks good
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    Very, very impressive. However, minimising noise is best done straight out of camera. Detail loss is one thing.
    Another is that I'm using Lightroom for most of my workflow, and the last thing I need is an extra step for NR (esp if there's many photos to be processed).
    Now, if LR supports those applications as plugins, then it would be a different story...


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