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Thread: Where to buy furniture?

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    Hi, i'm moving house in 1 month and need to find out where I can buy furniture. Looking for cheap and good, can't really afford designer stuff. Anyone know where I should go looking? Thanks.

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    oh also looking to buy electrical appliances like fridge, washing machine, stove etc

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    for electrical appliances, find out the prices & model then go toa payoh to compare or ask for best prices. they tend to be cheaper than what u saw.

    furniture wise, cheap & good - difficult. dun get those made from compressed wood as they dun last. Go for picket & rail if u can afford, they are solid wood, or go for plywood elsewhere.

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    1. the furniture mall (
    2. the international furniture centre (
    3. the furniture warehouse (
    4. Nova (438 AMK AVE10 Ind Park 1 pansing bldg 65523668)

    Picket & Rail
    Barang Barang
    ScanTeak (
    vhive (
    ikea (
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    vhive is not cheap imo
    but i like their design

    ikea kind of overprice imo

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    how cheap is cheap? any number?

    other den furniture stores consider built-in 1s to maximise use of space. Ikea got cheap products as well as those priced beyond their value, that applies to many furniture stores. must know wad is cheap & relatively good to buy judiciously.

    electrical appliances can go to major stores to get, there are occasional stock clearance not advertised cos oni few units. my family bought a display set Thomson washing machine about $300 off usual price of about $1100.

    advise to take delivery of several items on the same day if possible. delivery schedule for most never arrive on the dot. having to take AL 1 day for more than just an item saves u precious AL days. not to mention notorious no shows by delivery persons due to crap reasons. postponing the delivery day, like everyday so free.

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    How about IKEA?


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