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Thread: Hi,new here~~

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    Default Hi,new here~~

    hihi,new here.. I have recently snap a pic,so i love to hear what your view on the pic!!

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    Hihi welcome
    The pics is fine, just that it needs to be exposed longer. P10 is capable for it, and try taking the sky at dusk when it's bluish, this one's a little dull and too much of the sky. Keep it up

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    There's not enough color, it looks kinda bland. You used too little of the buildings at the bottom; either get rid of them totally, or try to apply the rule of thirds. You may have waited for a better, more dramatic sunset than a very boring one.

    Keep shooting, try harder!

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    I'm back with more photos !!!
    posting them now...

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    Default Re: Hi,new here~~

    Ask yourself:
    What made you taking these pictures? What do you want to show and highlight in the pictures? Have you achieved the target?
    To enhance the contrast between sky and clouds you can use a CPL filter. More to read here:


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