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    Hi All

    Decided to pick up photography again after quite a few years. Previous involvement left me a Canon SLR , Tammy 28-200 zoom, Tammy 90 SP, Metz flash & other accessories.

    Considering the reuseablity of the lens (esp 90 SP) & budget, I have been considering a 40D or 50D plus a wide zoom lens. But after reading about the Nikon D90... i am very attracted to the Nikon.

    Whats your Advice/suggestions for my decision ?


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    Same suggestions we gave to the many people who've asked a similar question...

    1. Go to the shops and physically feel/hold/fondle/try the cameras. Which one really feels best for you? Ignore the feature set for now, that's just "buying based on specs" when the exact specs should be secondary in cameras with similar features.

    2. If the Nikon feels best in your hand, consider the cost/$$$ lost in switching brands. Consider the resale value of your old lenses, etc.

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    stick with your canon stuff...why waste time selling it off at a loss when you could be out there taking photos ?


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