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Thread: Kiev 88CM (MF Camera) - Any Good?

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    Default Kiev 88CM (MF Camera) - Any Good?

    Hi, I want to start out in MF photography. I would like to know if the Kiev 88CM is any good. Also Is this deal worth it?

    For about US$450, you get:

    Camera body
    Arsat 80mm f2.8 lens
    TTL prism finder with switchable spot metering and center-weighted metering
    Folding waist level finder
    Two 6x6 cm 120 type new style film backs
    Rubber lens shade
    Front lens cap
    Rubber eye cup for prism finder
    Plastic cap for bottom of finder when not on camera
    Camera strap

    More information can be found at

    Just want to know what you guys think about this camera, and hope that i'll get some idea of what I should i get. I've got a tight budget and I don't need a very pro camera yet.

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    Totally worth the $$$ !!

    buy some slides and shoot some close up of flowers for ur 1st roll and be prepared to be blown away by the results u get.

    cheers !


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