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    Hi all,

    In my first newbie post here, I just like to share a shot taken at Old Changi Hospital.
    Took this shot as a tongue in cheek to portray us humans as "specimens" when viewed by the spirits from the other side

    I'm still very green to photography though, just picked up my DSLR a mth back. C & Cs appreciated..

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    If this photo is really what it was intended to be as you described, then its a weak attempt. Without reading your description, this would have been just another snap of an object and I woould even say that it will work much better without the human behind because its lacks the drama needed to make your viewers feel your description. The broken shards of glass to me, portraits chaos, disturbance and an escaped "specimen" but then there you have it, your specimen calmly in its "captured" habitat.


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