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Thread: anyone seen this b4 ??

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    Default anyone seen this b4 ??

    not trying to advertise for the seller ... but quite curious abt this lens ... coz the seller is selling for a high price for it ...

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    I owned one and has used it wih F3T, F5 and D1H. It is an AF lens but handles like a manual lens. I like the weight (660g) considering its fixed F/2.6 aperture throughout the 28mm to 70mm range. An expensive lens in its time. It was more expensive than Nikon F/2.8 zoom of the same range then.

    Angenieux lenses was said to give a Leica like quality to the final image appearence. The lenses were state-of-the-art in both optical design and mount engineering. I personally did not do any comparison, but as a user, I have no doubt about it being a great lens.

    Unfortunately, Angenieux no longer produces lenses for SLR (not sure if it has ceased operations or was bought over). Some of these lenses become collector items. Those buying it in the secondary market need to be careful not to purchase a faulty unit as servicing may be a problem.

    The international warranty was for 30 years (though local warranty was much shorter). Unfortunately, the warranty is no longer applicable.

    Some info avilable here:

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    its a kickass brand!

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    This lens is rumoured to be the inspiration for the successful Tokina 28-70 ATX Pro series. The main similarity is the mock IF barrel.


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