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    Ok guys, this is my very first post in C&C and also my first try at trying to shoot something at night. Will be looking forward to your comments to improve myself. Feel free to flame!!

    I would like some feed back on the lighting/colour. This was taken at night, but i cant help but feel that the sky looks way brighter then what i saw. Also, the tree has a touch of red/yellow to it because of the street lamp nearby. I could't avoid that. Any ways to prevent that in the future besides another shooting spot?Given that i was kinda restricted to this spot.

    Also, this photograph was taken at this settings;
    30 sec exposure
    ISO 400
    I've got a feeling that i should have used a smaller aperture size, given the distance of the moon. Is there any kinda of like, model setting i should keep in mind when taking shots like this? E.g Fstop no bigger then 8 etc...

    Lastly i feel that my photograph is kind of lacking a subject maybe? My intention was to get the moon but i feel that somehow the moon doesn't grab me/you first. Personally, i feel that this is a not so bad attempt considering its my first. But there's lots to learn and plenty that i'm unhappy about in this pict. So i'll be looking forward to your comments to help improve myself
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    Try using bigger apertures and lowering ur ISO to 100 or 200. Be sure to use a tripod, regarding to the image no subject yes, white balance seems wrong too. you might want to shoot vertical including the tree, moon and the sky. Think that will be a more pleasing composition. Try to walk around finding different viewpoints. Hope that helps

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    i love the clouds! hehe just for fun suggestion, you could try shooting with a gnd with maybe 20 minutes exposure. lols you'll love the star trails and of cos the clouds!
    let the universe surprise you .)

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    i would love to see the land, the tree and the sky. Whats that thing with orange spot at the bottom left and that orange block at the bottom right? They draw attention away from the subject, in this case the tree? Try to remove your filter to prevent flare.

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    at the first sight before reading your description I thought it was the afternoon sun. The flare might be causing the brightness, or your exposure might be too long and ISO too high? Also without the half treetop the pic would be nicer.


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