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    I have a Canon 400D and the 580ex, i would like to use the flash off the camera hotshoe, preferably 3 metres away from the camera. After googling and stuff, are there any options other than getting the oc3 cord(which length is too short for my usage) or the cheap China brand wireless triggers?

    I am hesitant in getting the China brand wireless triggers because they look shabbily build but than again, i would prefer not to spend more than $150 because if not, i think the better option would be getting the Canon wireless trigger but i have to wait a few more weeks to get that.

    Thank You!

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    Nikon CLS ftw!

    ok that aside, i think the china-made wireless triggers out to be fine, i mean its going to be attached to your camera, and you sure as heck ain't gonna be dropping your camera (hopefully), so it ought to suffice
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    Note that if you get radio triggers, you will have to manually control your flash's power - no E-TTL.

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    If you are familiar with soldering iron you can easily extend the Offshoe cord by inserting 6-pole plugs (male + female) and Cat5 cable. Check with Google about "offshoe cord DIY". People have reported extensions of up to 15m. Don't take the cheapest cable of you need such a length.


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