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    Hi All,

    This is my first time, so please be gentle

    This photo was taken at the Cable Ski Park - aperture at f6 and shutter speed at 1/500. I think I've got the subject in focused.

    I'd like to seek comments on the composition of this photo. My intention was to capture the subject performing in the presence of the crowd.

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    i think the picture is not engaging enough coz the subject is facing / moving in the wrong direction (away from you).. and a lot of distractions in the background..

    can try cropping even closer (portrait perhaps?) so that the subject stands out more..

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    too bad didn't catch the facial expression!
    but you said your intention was 'to capture the subject performing in the presence of the crowd.' IMHO i don think she's performing any stunts or whatsoever. BUT your 'in the presence of the crowd' was well done. just look at the crowds in the background.
    good effort!

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    ssping83 and HTCahHTC: Yes I agree that the photo is not very engaging because there's no facial expression captured. If the girl is facing the camera then it will be much much better.

    Thank you for the comments!


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