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Thread: Pbase new 30 day trial...

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    Default Pbase new 30 day trial...

    Argh.... . It used to be unlimited storage, then down to 10 mb ... which I understand of course. Now its a 30 day trial..... . Sigh .... any suggestions on cheap, good photo hosting sites ?

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    Web space offer for ClubSNAP forum members

    Note to members - the rationale behind offering webspace is twofold:-

    [list=1][*] it provides a direct-linkable site to store your pictures/images; and more importantly,[*] the funding from members who sign up are used to pay for the bandwidth and hosting charges (which increases as ClubSNAP grows bigger).[/list=1]
    Thus if any member feels that they are getting some benefit from being a ClubSNAP member and they want to give something back, they can contribute towards the sustainance and future growth by signing up for webspace.

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    I use webshots ( Its not exactly the best and it has limitations, but so far no problems with it



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