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Thread: Serpentine Falls , Western Australia

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    Default Serpentine Falls , Western Australia

    Located 90km southeast of Perth. This is the Serpentine Falls.

    Pardon the sharpness, which is due to poor quality scanner.

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    In my opinion, it don't seem that your scanner worked adverse against you. I like the 2nd photograph among both. Can't really put it to words as to why I like it. At least, it give me a sense of serenity.

    Suggestion: Why donít you try One Tree Top (if I remember the name of the place correctly) or the Gap at Albany. Nice place and I regret not having a camera with me then.

    My Rs1 worth.

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    been to the gap, shot pictures there too....
    One Tree Top ? Not sure whats there ...

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    can't see anything


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