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    any users can give some info on the difference on the CF cards - extreme , extreme III and extreme IV.

    I may shoot a little sports but most of the time potrait and landscape. any huge difference those 3 cards??

    many thanks

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    Go and check out their website.

    The ONLY major difference is the read/write speed.

    And they start from Ultra II, Extreme III and Extreme IV.

    If u dun need the extra speed, dun bother.
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    If yours is not a UDMA speed enabled camera then dun need Extreme IV, Extreme Ducati, Lexar 300X or Transcend 266X & 300X.

    Sandisk Extreme III will be the fastest for your camera.

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    d700... udma??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pang-Jio Man View Post
    d700... udma??
    D700 should be able to make use of the fastest card.


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