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Thread: sigma 17-70mm-f28-45-Macro-DC

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    Default sigma 17-70mm-f28-45-Macro-DC

    Hi can anyone give a link (if any) for sigma 17-70mm-f28-45-Macro-DC thread in this forum, I tried to search but I couldn't find one

    or, does anyone experienced with this lens before, probably you can share it here

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    Default Re: sigma 17-70mm-f28-45-Macro-DC

    using it as my walkaround with my D40.
    causal shooter, like the range & macro feature,
    built way better than the kit lens.
    optical wise not much complaint,
    but wish its 2.8 all the way.
    a bit heavy though.

    you can read the review below:


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