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Thread: Qns on developing photos

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    Default Qns on developing photos

    Just wondering beside using a printer at home, can I send a cropped image to the photo lab for printing?

    Like I have a shot taken full sized with a 5 mp cam, but the top and bottom was cropped off in PS, can I still get it developed in its unusual dimensions? Anyone know of any colour lab that can do this? Thanks in advance!!!


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    Hi Edwin,

    I'm not from Singapore, so I can't answer S'pore-specific question.

    However, I have submitted cropped photos to the lab for printing. Now these labs usually have standard sizes like 10x8, 12x10 etc, and what they do is to find a standard size which can accomodate your picture. You will end up with borders on either sides, which you can then crop yourself.


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