Singapore International Photography Festival & View Finders
The inaugural Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) will officially open on 8 Oct. But before that, – and as part of the Fest’s audience development initiative – SIPF will… infiltrate the heartlands!

About View Finders

View Finders will last a period of 4 weeks starting from 8 September. Armed with Nikon digital cameras, a team of SIPF volunteers will venture into the heartlands to approach regular Singaporeans and engage them in photography: they will be asked to take shots of they think best encapsulates their community and their lives. SIPF aims to educate the public about the value of photography as well as spur them to give more thought to this often overlooked medium.

However, the process of audience development doesn’t just stop there – SIPF is also currently in talks with the various community libraries around Singapore to hold exhibitions of these photos in October during the SIPF showcase, extending View Finders’ reach.

Through these photographs, the general public can view the various communities in Singapore through the eyes of their occupants. These will offer them invaluable insights into the lives of others, while instigating them to think about their own. They will learn that photography can be used to tell a story or convey a serious message, and does not only consists of snapshots taken during holidays or outings with friends.

The photos will be up on an online gallery at for public viewing. This gallery will include a platform for voting whereby viewers can vote for their favourite pictures and the photographer with the highest rated picture will stand to win a Nikon camera.

If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to send in an email to, with the subject heading "Volunteer for ViewFinders”. If you would like to volunteer for the festival itself, you can likewise drop an email there.

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