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    i am looking for car audio for a friend. Searched CS and HWZ but could not find much useful info on where to buy and what is the typical cost. Both me and my friend know nothing about the car audios as such
    Atleast he is quite sure on what he wants.. he needs a basic unit with 4 speakers. Cassette player also OK but CD should be better. No need for amps and woofers etc..but upgradability is sure a plus.
    Any help in the following categories would be greatly appreciated
    1. Should i go for branded ones? Pioneer/Blaupunkt/Alpine/sony etc? If yes, which brands are the best?
    2. Which models ahould suffice? (He is basically looking for something which sounds good and preff plays CD/MP3CD)
    3. What budget should he be ready to pay.. i mean is it in tens/hudreds/thousands? (millions ?)
    4. Any good trustworthy shops reccomonded?
    Thank you for reading and thanks in advance for all sugessions.

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    looks like clubsnappers spend all money on photography.. nobody bought car audio ?

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    i know a shop which is quite reasonable. Will post it to you once I get the name card in my office.

    THey use to be in Bukit Merah in the HDB block next to SAFRA but I know they have moved away.

    1. Sound is a very personal thing. Some like to listen to classical, some like heavy bass (like those ah beng cars) and some like the higher notes. THe brands that you mentioned is all good. Only depends on models.

    2.Basically whether you need multi disc changer or not. Too many types to list. Better to check it out in the shops. Some have single CD module in the dashboard and a multi disc changer in the boot but also have multi disc module in the dashboard.

    3. Willing to pay? any thing in the range of hundreds to 10 of thousands.

    4. A couple of years ago, I fixed a single CD in the dashboard and a 10 multi disc change in the boot. no speakers as use existing onesin the car as my old cd player died. cost 1 grand.

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    Can try Pin Liang down at Zion Road (HDB carpark directly opposite Zouk). Not bad prices, just did a car alarm installation there this afternoon.
    Pin Liang Enterprise

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    thanks a lot dreamseeker and minimalis.
    your advice helped a lot.. may be i go over to the shops over the weekend.


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