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    okay i was wondering how much do filters cost
    and is it really needed?

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    First and foremost, you have to specify what type of filters you are refering to?
    There are a range of filters each with varying functions.
    There are UV , CPL , ND filters etc.

    It is certainly not mandatory to have but some
    are encouraged for the several purposes they serve like to prevent dust and scratches on lens,
    or to block out light for long exposure shots in broad daylight. (ND filtes)

    Cost wise, it is definitely subjective as different brands have different pricing range. Needless to say, it all roots down to the type, brand, capability of the filters to work out the price.

    As a footnote, googling such stuffs will save you alot of time .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starships View Post
    okay i was wondering how much do filters cost
    and is it really needed?
    Filters do different things, what filter do you need?

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    A UV filter is necessary as sometimes you might accidentally touch your lens. You rather dirty the UV than the megabucks lens.


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