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    I'm new to the forum, so hello all first.
    I'm a new happy owner of a canon 40D + 18-55mm kit lens + 50mm/1.8.
    my main interest is to learn fashion photography, indoor & outdoor portraits & full height.
    I understand lighting is key (after talent, hardwork, and experience), and would like to know what is the basic lighting equipment to consider for indoor/studio shoots. what are the simple things that are making a real difference.
    I have a hand-held white/silver reflector, and I'm thinking of getting a few cheap DIY shop type lights to start setting up a simple home studio.
    what do you think should be on top of the shopping list ?
    does getting an umbrella kit make sense ?
    what about flashes / specialised lights ?
    any shop/internet outlet to recommend for decently priced accessories ?
    I'm really into a learning mode, so keep it coming !


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    lighting kits check the buy/sell corner, very affordable sets. softbox/Umbrellas are very useful for indoor/outdoor as well depending on ur creativity, I use it all the time. Too lengthy to elaborate, read up and experiment after you get the stuffs.

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    Do you own or want to use a hotshoe mounted flash like the 580EXII / SB800 and stuff? If you do own or want to buy it, it can be triggered wirelessly by a set of radio triggers that are cheap (S$50 1xtransmitter, S$50 1xreceiver, reliable ones from Ruby Photo, Peninsular Hotel Shopping center, next to Funan).

    I suggest that you read up on the strobist blog ( and see if you want to get into monolights or use camera-mountable-strobes so that you can shoot with a mounted flash if you want.

    For me, I own a 580EXII. Then I wanted to get into lighting strobist style, so i headed down to Ruby Photo. Got myself the radio triggers (S$100) flash mount (S$45) 2-in-1 43" shoot-through umbrella with reflective cover (S$60) hotshoe-adapter (S$20) and 2m lightstand (S$45). Now i'm happily lighting with a one-umbrella setup that's mobile.
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    thanks, that blog is great, and after reading the first articles, I understand your setup corresponds to the one described, with which the guy gets impressive results.
    I need to start looking at those flashes.
    I might start by playing indoor with an umbrella, stand, and cheap "fixed light" before blowing my cash on the 580EX...


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