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Thread: Reviews Required: Prosumer Camera

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    Default Reviews Required: Prosumer Camera

    Hi all,

    My fren is looking for a prosumer camera and has shortlisted the below.

    Olympus SP-570UZ vs SP-565UZ vs Fujifilim 100fs

    As I myself is a user of Fuji S8100FD, so unable to comment on Olympus.

    I have been gone through the reviews in too, but would like to know more from the users here, especially on Olympus.

    The main difference between Olympus SP-570UZ vs SP-565UZ is the hot-shoe function which is available in SP=565UZ.

    Thanks all for your contributions in advance.

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    Default Re: Reviews Required: Prosumer Camera

    Type in the brand and model number, then add 'User reviews' on Google and you'll come up with loads of reviews.


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    your friend using the camera for what as they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Also does your friend know how to use the semi-manual settings on the prosumer?

    otherwise what i recommend for the same price range is a very good PNS camera.
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    hi bro,

    basically my fren will be looking at exploring the manual settings for pics taking, as he feels that a pns has its limits for it does not have the manual settings for him to play with.

    btw, i'm interested to know the strength and weakeness of olympus too.. so it will be good if i can hear from you.

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Reviews Required: Prosumer Camera

    I had used the Fujifilm 9600, Nikon 8700, Sony H7 and the Sony R1. Out of these cams, the most impressive being the Sony R1 for the image quality & famous Carl Zeiss lens. Of course this is the most expensive among the cams I've mentioned. The Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony H7 are very good cams too.
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