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    Shot with a E510, kit lens.

    One of the first few shots with the camera, but recently edited. Main intention is to play up the moody feel,

    Wanted to show parts of a familiar environment in a different light, with a different mood.

    Would like critique on:
    1) Composition
    2) Post processing (colour, and the tad bit of vignetting I added)

    Any other general comments are welcomed! Thanks.

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    err, whats that thing?

    not enough subject isolation i think very hard to make it out cause the bg is black also and the space is not well used i think

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    It takes me a while to figure out what is it. IMHO, maybe you can put the capo nearer to the headstock so that your DOF does not blur off the headstock so much. Or don't crop the headstock off. Just a tot. The pic does gives a lonely or moody feeling.
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    interesting subject to play with, the capo. the "moody feel" doesn't quite work for me on this. maybe 'cause the capo don't relay that message


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