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Thread: help with picture quality!

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    Default help with picture quality!

    hi, im using a nikon d60 with 18-135mm lens and i realise that the pictures produced seems to be very awkward(harsh colours). im not sure if its my configs or my equipment but does anyone of you experience that too? any tips to the 'perfect configurations' for d60.

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    a picture speak a thousand words..... why don't just simply show us a picture?

    so we know what are you talking about.

    btw, a 'perfect configurations' usually only works in one type of situation, so if you shoot many different type of subjects, you need many many 'perfect configurations'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prettylikepunk View Post
    any tips to the 'perfect configurations' for d60.
    No such thing. It's a DSLR, you're supposed to change the settings on the fly. If you want perfect settings, buy a PnS with a good "auto" mode.


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