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    Hi guyz, I knew nothing bout photography(except using it auto mode the easiest way..) and I'm starting to pick up this hobby for leisure. Been wandering what type of camera should i start with for entry level like me. Appreciate if u all guyz can help me out. Million tks..

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    That's really an answer you need to figure out for yourself... Easiest answer: The camera on your cellphone.

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    Any cam can take gd pic. To take a gd pic, hp cam or dslr if you're skillful. If you're using a p&s, when it's time to move on to DSLR you'll know it too, when the effects u wanted cannot be achieved with the p&s.

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    ditto whatever dennisc said.
    your cam has an auto mode, so i guess it has a Program mode, or even a Manual mode?
    you might wanna try experimenting with these modes first to have a feel of being in control of the camera.
    and like dennisc said, when you can't achieve the effects you wanted with your PnS, thats the time to get a DSLR.
    canon's 1000D can give you a DLSR startup. chip in a bit, the 450D can give you more features and a higher resolution.
    Hope that helps you. Good luck, and happy shooting.

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    zoosh have built a impressive guide for newbie here


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