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    I was initially trying to photograph 2 wooden benches along the seaside when I noticed a yellow leaf standing out against the old wood. So I switched focus and tried to capture this yellow leaf as the subject.

    I like the contrast and the detail of the wood bench with its rusty metal railing and screws in the blur background.

    However upon review at home, I noticed that I used too wide an aperture and did not capture the whole leaf in focus, and the brown leaf in front could have been moved slightly.

    However, I will still like to hear your C&C and get some advice for improvement for future shots.

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    i feel the brown leaf infront is distracting. focusing seems ok to me. maybe can crop bottom to the start of the brown leaf?
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    Quote Originally Posted by denniskee View Post
    i feel the brown leaf infront is distracting. focusing seems ok to me. maybe can crop bottom to the start of the brown leaf?

    Agree with you.
    I like the color the way it is, yellow vs dark shade of brown
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    the leaf infront is fighting for attention!
    but the yellow leaf really stands out.
    IMHO, like what you've said, some parts of the leaf wasn't in focus, but that doesn't really rob much away from this picture.
    so overall, it looks okay to me

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    Hi all, I really appreciate those who have given their comments and critiques.

    NExt time for such shots, I will do more preview on my camera LCD screen before moving on.

    Because this shot was taken during a walkabout, I may have neglected some details in my eagerness to move on to other shots.

    But I am glad you all think the yellow leaf in contrast to the wood is nice too.

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    Haha, I thought the threadstarter were criticizing me here! What a thread title!

    Nice pic btw, but I feel that the black line behind is a little distracting, no doubt it's out of depth of field.

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    The leaf is to centralize. Maybe position it at one of the thirds will work better.

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    subject is there.
    idea is there.

    composition is the part that is lacking i guess. firstly, the tilt didnt work for me. the tilt is further emphasized by the line in the background. too many things in the frame too. the stick on the right, the bar with screws behind and the brown leaf in front. these elements draws attention away from the main subject. i see that the lines of the chair and the yellow leaf itself would be suffice for this shot.

    the brown leaf and the yellow leaf combo could also work it the whole chair is full of brown leaf and 1 yellow leaf.

    nice try.

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    Great idea.

    The colours work for me and I think it's gives the picture a sad feel.

    Though I agree that the brown leaf should have been removed



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