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Thread: Camera with macro?

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    Default Camera with macro?

    Hi, really newbie here. Register today only.
    I want to check with you ugys what is the best digital camera with good macro capability? my buget is 600-800$.

    thank you.

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    may be a Canon A70 should suffice your needs.
    I am a newbie myself and hence you must wait for other views too.

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    ok. thank you.

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    Hi Phoo, try to look for a camera with an option to put an adapter so that you can attach close-up filter if you need a higher magnification. Also, a hotshoe so that you have an option to attach external flash as built-in flash wouldn’t be enough in some situation esp for macro. Budget wise, im not sure about their curent prices.
    Hope it helps.

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    Noted. thank you

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    Dear Phoo-Kew
    Nikons are especially good for macros.. might wanna try the coolpix 5000 or 5400 or 5700, but they might be out of ur price range...

    canons are also not bad but u need to get a close up filter....

    OLYMPUS 750 is EXCELLENT for macro too due to MEGA zoom.. u can take very close up pictures without needing to be too close...

    Best Regards,
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    Noted. thank you

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    Considered a 2nd hand Fuji 602z?

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    thank you, thank you. got one alreay.


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