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Thread: Pentax Optio S10 vs Sony DSC-W120

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    Default Pentax Optio S10 vs Sony DSC-W120

    I've shortlisted my choice for purchase of a PnS to the above 2 cameras.
    Both are around $300.

    Pentax Strength : Smaller compact size. Bigger CCD. Pentax SMC coated lens. SD Card. Lower megapixel density.

    Sony Strength : Stabilised Lens. Carl Zeis lens.

    I also received a reasonable offer for a W130 also but its the exact same camera as the W120 but more megapixels..hence more noise?

    Any feedback for the 2? Both generally have good reviews.
    Appreciate some views on this because user feedback is quite sparse for these 2 models.

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    Default Re: Pentax Optio S10 vs Sony DSC-W120

    No reply? I think The Pentax may be a little difficult but there should be quite a few Sony W110/120/130/150/170 users out there?
    Appreciate your feedback...especially if you have a comparison.

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    Default Re: Pentax Optio S10 vs Sony DSC-W120

    I bought the Pentax Optio S10 PnS from Comex'08 recently for steal at $199.00 - offer
    Actual prize $499.00.Maybe you should consider it as it has a 7x optical zoom.So far
    no other PnS has this claimed Pentax.

    Still fiddling with it though but the 7x optical zoom is a plus.After a shot is taken
    you can actual zoom into very closeup mode of the shot and details are still
    fine,at least on the LCD but actual prints may defer.

    I bought it out of curiousity as am still shooting film.Just 2cts worth.

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    Default Re: Pentax Optio S10 vs Sony DSC-W120

    Thanks...what you have is the Z10...that is a very good deal actually.
    I'm actually set on the S10 instead though...because of the bigger CCD.


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