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Thread: P&S recommendation needed

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    Hi all,

    Looking for a P&S. Ease of use and small. Good quality and colours.

    Previous cam was a Canon Powershot A series. Was OK but felt that the picture can be rather noisy. Also, it's started giving me weird circles especially on sections of the picture that is of one uniform colour. Occurs randomly. Quite irritating when you've captured a nice shot only to see that in the background. Looking for something smaller/slimmer now.

    Confused by so many options available. Started looking at the Ixus but even within that range got some many to choose from.

    Was looking at Fujifilm too because I hear that its low light PQ is very good. Hear the F31 was good, but how's the F50, F60 and F100 now?

    Anything else to recommend?

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    Wait till end sept... more choices should be available.
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    Why end Sept?

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    i'd stick with canon and go for ixus.. but model depends on your budget. i like the ixus 85IS.

    you can trade in your old cam at audio house to get some cash off discount.. i think the old cam is worth $30 - $150 depending on how many megapixels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watchthewaves View Post
    Why end Sept?

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    Default Re: P&S recommendation needed

    On p&s cams, higher pixel count tends to give more noise.

    Use your own SD card, insert it into the cam of your interest and take a few shots. Go home open the pics at full size then check the image quality.

    To have image stabilisation or not, is up to how much you want to spend.

    Usually companies promote the high iso capability of their pns cams. Strike that out. It doesn't matter, because if you use high iso on a pns, your pics will be like crap.
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