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Thread: My rabbit Arthur

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    Default My rabbit Arthur

    Well, It's superbly rare that my rabbit would just sit there and pose for me to take a photo.
    Recently got my 450D and i am trying to shoot whenever I can.

    Exposure time 1/5sec
    Focal Length 29mm
    F-stop f/5

    This photo was taken with yellow lights lighting the room, which I am finding trouble trying to edit.

    I would like critique on my photography technique, as I'm still new to this. Really wanted to show that there is indeed expressions within animals as well (I think =P)

    Personally I like the picture as it really shows the anger in my rabbit when I was disturbing it while it was sleeping =P

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    do a custom white balance if tungsten/fluorescent lighting wb does not work. your rabbit seems more sleepy than angry btw.

    do you find the background cluttered? does your rabbit look photogenic here?

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    just a suggestion.
    try going eye level with your rabbit.

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    Going eye level with ya pet would give a better perspective..


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