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    Hi i'm a newbie here, would like to find out about reducing Noise. I know digicams have this problem, but what is the best setting to have the lowest noise problems possible? thanks

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    Use the lowest ISO if possible. If not and there is noticeable noice, you can post process your pictures with a software called Neat Image afterwards.

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    Default there any other alternative? using the software is pretty ex....cost USD70!!!!

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    I think there is a free trial download. Cant remember where. Am using it now... and boy it works wonder. However, very very very slow

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    was playin with my camera....
    i realise that the best way to reduce noise is that the shutter speed is decreased, as in leave it open longer? to capture more there's less noise on dark areas...
    is this a good solution?

    software, yeah but prefer taking a good shot else my cam obselete? hehe

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    by the way, can we bulk purchase the software to get discount?


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