Hie guys,

I love using off-camera flash for certain effects. Currently I'm using a f80 with a Sigma ST-500 super. THis flash has a slave function, but I have to manually input the information which I often input wrongly. It is triggered off when my internal speedlight fires, which means I have to keep my internal speedlight switched on. This defeats the purpose of an off- camera flash. So sometimes I deflect the light from my internal speedlight away using a black card or whatever I can find. Is there a better way of using an off-camera flash in my case? I was looking ard and I see that some people use a flash syn cord (SC-17), I was wondering if it will work for my f80 which doesnt have a pc sync socket. I would like to use my slave flash without using my internal speedlight to trigger it, is there a device ? Many thanks..... . Other suggestions r welcomed.
This is one of the shots which I used the slave flash to fire from behind, while covering my speedlight. I'm sure there is a better way.