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    Hi all,

    I'm currently in Vietnam and I took a whole lot of photos.

    Problem now is that I wanted to develop them over in Vietnam but the card reader in the shop could not read my CF card. I put the CF card back into my camera and it said it was corrupted.

    I don't feel the problem is caused my the card reader, just a random error that could have happened to any CF card.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to fix a corrupted CF card and retrive back the photos?

    I've got tons of photos and I am absolutely devasted. I almost stopped taking photos for a day over here.

    Please help!!

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    I have one experience with corrupted file also but it is SDHC card not CF card.
    It happened when I have used the wrong card reader and the photos were corrupted.
    When I put it back to camera, it was informed that it has been corrupted.
    Finally, I managed to get back 90% of the photos by using a better card reader.
    Just remember that your card might has some bad sector after the corruption.
    So, remember to change your folder view to detailed view not the thumbview enable.
    This will stop you from reading the files if you use the thumbview.
    Just my experience, hopefully it is useful for you.

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT continue to use the card until you have retrieved the images. DOING SO may RESULT in the images being overwritten, thus rendering the photos unrecoverable.

    Follow the instructions from this site to download Lexar Image Rescue 3 to recover the images from your corrupted CF card.

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    Thanks for the replies!!

    I'll be sure to try it out as the first thing when I reach home!!

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    I got back about 90% of my photos.

    Those unrecovered ones were the latest few that I took. Makes me wonder if I should use up every single bit of memory in the CF card.

    Anyone knows if the CF card is still usable after this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eosdigital View Post
    ah hello, look who is it
    you've too much free time..

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    I guess you can try to format the card using your cam, take a few shots to see results, then format again before every photoshoot.

    For important events or shots, maybe better to use another card. better safe then sorry.


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