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Thread: Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

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    Default Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

    Anyone interested in having a microstock meet this Saturday at Cityhall Mrt 1pm?

    We can trade ideas and shooting techniques.

    Also can act as each other's models and use each others props.

    Those willing to be models please wear simple clothes with no designs or logos.

    I will supply generic model releases for anyone interested.

    Also will be bringing three flashes, reflectors and tripod.

    Props: needles, stethoscope, big diamond, pearl necklace.


    Francis Wong

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    Default Re: Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

    sorry but what is micro stock?

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    Default Re: Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

    ya wats microstock?, sorry i'm new here.

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    Default Re: Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

    Hi, microstock pictures are pre shot pictures that design agencies or others buy to use in their designs.

    Some pics are listed as commercial only, these can be used for commercial purposes like in advertisements, brochures or even on t-shirts or mugs.

    Some are listed as editorial, meaning that they can only be used for news related articles in newspapers and not for commercial advertisements.

    The pics can be almost anything as long as someone has a need for it.
    for example, I have shots of a university graduate with a clear sky.
    It was used by Straits Times on last Saturday and Sunday for their educational column.

    Others may have pics of babies, office workers, nice scenery or even graphics.

    You can check out my portfolio at
    to get a better idea

    do check out the others that have better portfolios than me like
    eastwestimaging, phildate, fertographer
    in my favourite photographers column, they are located in Singapore.

    Hope that answers your question.

    I am looking for people interested in this line of photography.
    The purpose is to help each other generate more ideas for picture shoots and also use each other as models or trade ideas and share props.

    If you just want to see what we do, just come along.

    I will be carrying a big black camping bag with two tripods hanging off it.

    Just to clarify,

    first we will just meet to know each other.
    then we can discuss and trade some ideas.
    if weather permits, we can do some outdoor shoot.
    If not, we can just shoot at the esplanade big basement area.

    no need to pay for anything as we will be using each other as models but you don't have to be a model if you dont want to.

    maybe about three hours duration.

    Francis Wong
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    Default Re: Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

    I am interested but saw your post 1 week late Maybe next time....
    Come visit my blog

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    Default Re: Microstock gathering Saturday 6 Sept 08

    just wondering, how did the event turned out?

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