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Thread: Tianya CPL on P holder - a tight fit?

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    Default Tianya CPL on P holder - a tight fit?

    Hi all,


    Recently decided to have a play around with filters so got the Tianya-made generic P holder and the Tianya CPL (among other filters) online. Cheap so I don't lose much if it doesn't work out.

    Anyway, I find that the CPL fits so tightly in its slot that it makes it virtually impossible to rotate it without unscrewing the mounting ring off my lens in the process. This is contrary to its advertised use (I think..). As far as I am aware, I'm inserting it into the right slot - the very first slot closest to the lens which is just slightly wider than the rest of the slots.

    I've done an extensive search on google and have come up with only two references where people mention it is a tight fit and they end up rotating the actual holder. But it is also mentioned that it loosens up after a while. Rotating the holder virtually excludes the use of grads - right? Anyway these references didn't mention the exact brand of the holder they were using.

    I was wondering if the experts out there can confirm that or add further to that? Will the Tianya CPL be a perfect fit on a proper Cokin P holder and actually rotate with ease? Or will I get the same problem as well (as all the pics of the holders on the internet look the same as the Tianya-made one I've got)?

    Other (unlikely) possiblities I'm thinking about: Is there a possibility the holder I got is a dud? or perhaps this particular CPL got past quality control at the factory and was made too large?

    It just seems so fiddly that I'm seriously considering the more expensive option of individual CPLs for different sized lenses. I want to be able to rotate it finely. Not sure how that will work out if I want to mount a P holder in front of that (vignetting - probably if going down to 17mm? will rotating the CPL cause the whole holder to rotate as well?)..

    Thanks for any input! Sorry for being so long-winded. I hope the answer is simply to get the original Cokin holder and use the Tianya CPL in it. So many amazing photos on this forum taken with similar kit so I can't imagine it being that difficult!


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    Default Re: Tianya CPL on P holder - a tight fit?

    how about taking the holder off the lens and put the CPL in the holder and give it a good many turns to loosen up the slot.

    even if you do decide to get the cokin holder, bring your CPL to try first.

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    Default Re: Tianya CPL on P holder - a tight fit?

    Thanks! I presume that it starts off being quite tight then. Will get to work..

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    Default Re: Tianya CPL on P holder - a tight fit?

    Thought I'd post a follow-up to say that a second order of other filters from the same company came with a 2nd free P holder. The CPL fits the new holder beautifully and it rotates with ease. So turns out the 1st holder was a dud.


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